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Improving Educational Outcomes Across Region 11

The Region 11 Comprehensive Center continues to focus on improving educational outcomes for students in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. During our Year 4 Advisory Board meeting, we shared the following state infographics, which outlined our recent accomplishments, shared forecasts for the upcoming fifth project year, and highlighted efforts to ensure sustainability beyond

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Impact Story: Relighting the Fires for Standards Implementation in South Dakota

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a task but couldn’t find much guidance on how to successfully achieve it? This was the problem many schools and educators were experiencing in South Dakota. Five years ago, the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards (OSEUS) were approved by the State Board of Education based on legislation passed

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Using Bright Spots in South Dakota Indian Country to Increase Native American Student Achievement

R11CC recently welcomed a new South Dakota Lead for the Bright Spots Project. Dr. Dorothy Aguilera-Black Bear brings a wealth of research and practitioner knowledge in culturally responsive education for preK–12 schools, and nonprofit sector experience in youth and community participatory action research, leadership, behavioral health, and wellness and workforce education programming. The high-leverage problem

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