The Region 11 Comprehensive Center serves Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming

The Region 11 Comprehensive Center (R11CC), serving Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, is one of 19 regional centers across the nation that help state education agencies (SEAs) to implement, scale, and sustain evidence-based programs, practices, and interventions that support improved educator and student outcomes. Operated by McREL International, R11CC collaborates with these SEAs to provide high quality technical assistance, build collaborative relationships, support local educational agencies to make systemic changes, and disseminate research-based practices. Learn more about our work.

What is the Comprehensive Center Network (CCNetwork)? Watch this video to find out more about the 20 federally funded technical assistance Centers—the National Comprehensive Center and 19 Regional Comprehensive Centers.

Advisory Board

The board advises R11CC staff on strategies for monitoring and addressing the educational needs of the region, maintaining a high standard of quality, and carrying out activities in a manner that promotes improved student achievement.

Kirsten Baesler
State Superintendent, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Dr. Greg Carlson
Institutional Researcher, North Dakota University System
Trent Carroll
Chief Operations Officer, Wyoming Department of Education
David Flute
Cabinet Secretary,
South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations
Dr. Janice M. Garnett
Educational Leadership, Instructor,
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Shelley Hamel
Shelley Hamel
Chief Academic Officer, Wyoming Department of Education
Julie Magee
Dr. Julie Kocourek
Director of Member Services, Wyoming School Boards Association
Laurie Matzke, Assistant Superintendent, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Laurie Matzke
Assistant Superintendent, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Kevin Mitchell
Dr. Kevin Mitchell
Executive Director, Wyoming Association of School Administrators
Olson DenBeste
Office Administrator/Chief Academic Officer Nebraska Department of Education (NDE)
Marissa Payzant
Assistant Administrator, NDE
Dr. Ann Robertson
South Dakota
Whittier Middle School,
Sioux Falls School District
Luke Schaefer
Executive Director, Central Regional Education Association (CREA), North Dakota
Sheila Schlafmann
Superintendent, Turtle Lake-Mercer Public School, North Dakota
Dr. Dan Schnoes
Educational Service Unit #3 Administrator, Nebraska
Shirley Vargas
Dr. Shirley Vargas
School Transformation Officer, NDE

Team Members

Region 11 Comprehensive Center staff members are knowledgeable educators and researchers whose experience and expertise combines to meet the unique challenges faced by schools and districts in Region 11.

Joe Simpson

Co-Director and State
Co-Lead, Wyoming

Susan Shebby


Jeanette King

State Lead,

Sara McGinnis
State Co-Lead,

Ben Cronkright

State Lead,
North Dakota

Dorothy Aguilera-Black Bear

State Lead,
South Dakota

Nathan Pope

Internal Evaluator

Michelle Askeland
Communications Specialist
Judy Counley
Media Developer Lead
Kimberly Jones
Administrative Specialist