Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive K–3 Reading Program to Improve Outcomes for Struggling Readers

Aligning Educational Support Systems

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Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive K–3 Reading Framework to Improve Outcomes for Struggling Readers

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is focused on helping Fremont County Local Education Agencies (LEAs) meet WY HB0297 requirements for selecting and implementing evidence-based reading programs, assessments, and interventions for K–3 students. The goal of this project is to help WDE improve access to programs and educators trained in equity-based practices and to improve K–3 reading outcomes for struggling readers (e.g., Native American students, English learners, and students with disabilities). R11CC will help WDE and LEA staff increase their knowledge of how to develop a logic model to guide this high-leverage work. Additionally, the R11CC will support WDE as they create improved policies, practices, and systems to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate K–3 comprehensive reading programs through the use of evidence-based practices, assessments, and interventions to support struggling readers.

Aligning Educational Support Systems in Wyoming

The project team comprises WDE staff and Wyoming educators focused on developing potential changes to a state Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and Boards of Cooperative Higher Education Services programs (BOCHES) programs, which will offer opportunities to improve student outcomes for multiple student groups.

R11CC staff will provide technical assistance to the WDE and Local Education Agency staff, including project facilitation, professional learning, and project management. The goal of the project is to foster an increased knowledge and understanding of the state program and potential approaches of national Shared Service Center (SSC) models. This project is intended to help WDE and LEA staff increase their understanding and knowledge of the state’s needs relative to the BOCES and BOCHES programs. WDE’s goal is to improve their policies, practices, and systems so that they can develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate possible BOCES and BOCHES program changes. The project is expected to improve access to programs, services, certified educators and specialists who can help improve academic outcomes for underrepresented student groups.

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