Developing Systems to Improve Outcomes for Students in Schools Receiving Targeted Support and Improvement and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement

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This project focuses on the needs of students with disabilities, English learners (ELs), and economically disadvantaged students within targeted support and improvement (TSI) and additional targeted support and improvement (ATSI) schools. The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) identified 274 TSI and ATSI schools to receive assistance based on student group performance.

NDE’s approach to school improvement is aligned to their 2017–2026 Strategic Vision and Direction to ensure equitable opportunities for learning. NDE is committed to equity for all student groups and strives to help schools provide students with the education resources needed at the right time with the right level of intensity. They realize that individual school staff do not always have the mindsets, knowledge, skills, and resources to use data or access supports for students with disabilities, ELs, and economically disadvantaged students.The Region 11 Comprehensive Center (R11CC) is one of 19 regional centers across the nation that help state education agencies to implement, scale, and sustain evidence-based programs, practices, and interventions that support improved educator and student outcomes.

R11CC staff will collaborate with NDE’s Office of Coordinated School and District to increase their knowledge of TSI and ATSI school needs related to equitable evidence-based practice implementation and the data available to support TSI and ATSI schools. Year 2 supports include planning for and implementing a statewide virtual Learning Communities series titled “An Equity-Focused Approach to TSI and ATSI School Improvement” designed for TSI and ATSI identified schools and districts and educational service unit staff supporting TSI and ATSI schools, and the NDE staff. This work will be coordinated with existing work within NDE (e.g., Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow [AQUESST], Federal Programs, Office of Special Education, and Title III). Long-term outcomes associated with this project include meeting growth and improvement targets for identified student groups.

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